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Kristi B. Bardi, LTP #71698

Kristi B. Bardi, LTP #71698

Kristi originally came to work with her husband Tony in 1998 after spending 20 years in sales and marketing in

corporate America. At the time Kristi thought she was just helping out for the season – she is still waiting for

the “off” season to roll around! With her corporate background, Kristi really knows and understands how

small businesses work, so her expertise has naturally migrated toward TFSI’s business clients. Kristi has spent

time researching and studying the tax benefits of S Corps, and is now known in the industry for her ability to

educate others in simple, direct terms. Kristi juggles the responsibilities of being a woman entrepreneur, a

mother, and a grandmother. After raising their own large family, Kristi and Tony are now raising their

granddaughter, Elizabeth, who is 2 years old. In her very little “spare” time, Kristi enjoys sewing and

volunteering in her church.