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Adolfo (Al) and Madeline Bardi enjoyed working together and said they "never argued."

In 1969 husband and wife Adolfo (Al) and Madeline Bardi began selling insurance and preparing taxes out of a small building on the corner of Division and Main, in Gresham. B-M Income Tax and Bookkeeping Service (B for Bardi, and M for Madeline) was born. After selling the building so the gas station behind it could expand, they moved the business into their family home, where they enclosed the patios to convert to an office. Grandfathered in to the tax licensing requirements, Al and Madeline were among the first 500 licensed tax preparers in the state of Oregon, with license numbers 0437 and 0438. Son Tony helped out with small bookkeeping and office tasks while completing high school.

The business soon outgrew the family home.

In 1982, after building and enclosing two more patios, Al and Madeline realized their business had outgrown their home, so they purchased a small building on the property where Tax & Financial Solutions stands today. They continued working from home and Tony took a tax preparation course, earned his licensed tax preparer credential, and helped out by checking returns for his parents during tax season from the new building

Tony Bardi, Al and Madeline's oldest son, inherited the business and continues to honor the tradition of building personal relationships and attentive customer service begun by his parents.

While the business continued to grow, Tony studied architecture at University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and just before completing that program took six months to travel in Europe. When he returned he had decided to change his major to Business and join the family business. He graduated in 1984 with a degree in Finance and Management. After a few years Tony made a minor change to the company name, adding an ampersand between the B and M for B&M Income Tax and Bookkeeping Service.

B&M Income Tax and Bookkeeping Service, 1984-2011

Sadly, Al passed away in 1994, the same year Madeline retired. Tony took over the reins and continued to build and grow the business from its humble beginnings. Joined In 1999 B&M Income Tax and Bookkeeping Service incorporated, with a new name and logo – Tax and Financial Solutions, Inc., to advertise the fact that the company had grown beyond simply tax preparation and bookkeeping and offers solutions for a variety of financial needs and clients. Joined by wife Kristi in 1997, and employing almost every one of their 7 children at one time or another, Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc. is truly a multi-generational family-owned business.

Tax and Financial Solutions today is housed in an environmentally friendly building on the same property that was home to B&M Income Tax and Bookkeeping

On May 2, 2011 the small home of TFSI was demolished and ground was broken for a new building on the same property.

Today our office is housed in a brand new 5,500 square foot building employing 14 full-time and seasonal employees and preparing over2,000 individual and entity tax returns every year. Additionally we provide accounting and payroll services for our clients and manage investment portfolios for a growing number of clients.